Posted by: socalsalty | October 9, 2011

Trip Report: Saturday PM on the New Del Mar

Jake playing pinhead with 2 rent rod friends

Wow, after having the first rain of the season, we reached back into the summer and it was a gloriously beautiful day on the water this weekend.  Juliana, Jake and I decided to take it easy and ride the afternoon session on our home boat, the New Del Mar.  Capt. Danny was driving, Eric and Chris managed things on deck, and Dale was holding it down in the galley.  40 plus anglers went out…probably sensing this might be one of the last times to enjoy a day like this on the water this year.

I’ll tell you upfront, the bite was pretty scratchy.  Things started off great as we had BOTH live squid and nice anchovies for bait.  The water was that clean blue color that usually signals good things to come, and as mentioned before it was a bright sunny day.  Despite the sunny day, the water has cooled off, so rockfishing is the order of the day.  The first stop was in about 180 ft

Juju with her first legit fish and big bro assisting

of water and we anchored up on a reef in the middle of the bay.  I had asked Eric how much lead to use and he said go with 6-8oz…better with 8.  We did, but even then, the current was really strong and our lines got sideways on us very quickly.  I think the current even caught Capt. Danny by surprise as we didn’t stay long and had to reset fairly soon after stopping.

Right before we got ready to drop, Juju decided she wanted to fish (she doesn’t usually), and I quickly tied a rent rod setup for her…single dropper, 2/0 bait hook, and a small live squid.  I haven’t reset my bag for rockfishing yet, so I only had 2 eights.  I put a 10 on for Juju’s pole and she dropped it down.  While our whole side was sideways fighting the current.  Juju was nicely positioned straight up and down.  Apparently, being on the right spot was the trick because she picked up the first fish on the boat, a nice sized barberpole rockfish.

Juju is funny.  She caught that fish on the first stop and was really excited about it.  She even had to flag down her buddy, deckhand Chris, so he could see it.  You’d think she’d want to catch more, but that was it, she was good for the day.

Meanwhile, Jake and I scratched away with the rest of the anglers.  We both didn’t actually catch any fish until the last stop.  Jake was getting frustrated.  I had to rally him.  “Jake it’s the 4th quarter, we’re down 4, we need a touchdown.”  I even pulled out a page from Coach Sark’s halftime Keith Price price speech from last week, “Can we get back to being Salty fishermen?”  Call me Vince Lombardi, and credit Capt. Danny, but at the last stop we managed to save the trip and catch some fish.  Final tally: Salty = 3 sculpin kept, and 1 chucklehead; Jake = 2 reds.  But the Salty crew jackpot was taken by Juj.  Her barberpole ended up weighing out at 1lb 3 oz.  Nice job Juj!

1st & 2nd place, ling / red combo

Juj and her buddy, deckhand Chris

For the boat, the catch probably averaged out at 2-3 fish per angler.  This lucky angler won jackpot with his ling cod, while also taking second place with a nice quality red.  Despite the average fishing, it was a great day on the water and we had a good time.  Thanks to Capt. Danny, the rest of the New Del Mar crew, and Marina del Rey Sportfishing.

Jake, Juj and her first good fish



  1. It’s a really funny post to read! You got Juju to fish and you played coach to Jake. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the beautiful day and had so much fun.

  2. Congrats to my niece Juju!!! Don’t get jealous Jake! Lol

    • I’m not jealous I’m proud of sis.

      • You’re a good big brother buddy. And besides, you have caught the Salty family fish of the year…your 31lb chinook salmon!

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