Posted by: socalsalty | October 6, 2011

Change of Seasons

Classic summer fishing in SoCal - calico in the kelp

Ahhhh, it was an epic summer of fishing.  Beginning in May when the cuda first hit Santa Monica Bay for the first topwater action of the season, the San Diego’s awesome 100+ yellowtail trip, the way the white seabass bit this year, calicos in the kelp, the record flatties up in the Channel Islands, midweek twilight rides…wow that was fun.  Now the water has cooled down, football season is well underway, it rained in LA…yes, it’s Fall. I have to admit I was kind of bummed out about it, but like anything else, there is a silver lining.  Here are some ideas for you…

1) Offshore – the 1.5 day (out of San Diego) tuna bite has tailed off, but go longer and it’s been great.  At 1 to 2 day range, the yellowtail bite has been as good as it’s been all year, with an occasional dodo (aka dorado or mahi mahi) mixed in.  Getting in on it is my #1 priority for this month.

2) Lobster Hooping – As of Saturday, October 1, it is now spiny lobster season here in SoCal.  In order to do it, you need to get yourself a tag/report card (on top of your fishing license).  It’s only $8.90, so no biggie.  Here’s a link where you can find where to pick one up: Licensing Agent Search  H&M (San Diego) offers a daily twilight trip on the Jig Strike for $55.  Channel Islands has trips on the Cobra for $50.

3) Freshwater Striper Fishing – Yeah, I know…not salty.  Some of the deckhands and regulars I know swear by it though.  And ever since I caught that big striper back East, Jake has been obsessed with getting his.  Our buddy Mark Franco guides at Diamond Valley Lake and he says that around Halloween time, when they start stocking the lakes with rainbow trout, you can nail stripers from the shore.  Keep an eye on when they stock your lake, get yourself some rainbow looking baits and have at.

To contact Mark Franco about guided fishing trips on Diamond Valley Lake or other southern California lakes, call him at (909) 798-0535, or contact him at

4) Rockfishing  It’s what all the local boats are doing now.  And mixed into the rockfish, there is always the chance to get a big ling or halibut.  Channel Islands is probably the top spot, but I’ll be hitting MDR and San Diego a bunch too.

Instead of shorts, it’s time to wear long pants.  Throw a hoody on top of your tshirt.  There’s still good fishing to be had.  Tight lines!

Before you know it, it will be Fred Hall again and a new season will be underway in 2012.  Until then, here’s the one that kicked things off this year.



  1. It’s true I need my stripes.

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