Posted by: socalsalty | September 13, 2011

Flattie Frustration

Sunday the kids and I rode the New Del Mar.  The original plan was to take it up a notch for Juju and go 3/4 day on the Spitfire.  Little did we know (until we were at the dock an hour early) that the Spit was chartered out for the day.  Oh well, NDM it is.  Capt. Danny was driving.  Vic, Jordan and Chris were on deck.  Dale was in the galley rounding out the crew for the day.  Pretty busy day…50+ anglers on the boat, but the NDM is a big wide boat and it wasn’t a flylining bait kind of day, so the boat accommodated all of us easily.

There was a group of about 10 kids and a dad on the boat, and Jake was enjoying his insider status as a pseudo-pinhead (a pinhead on a sportboat is the equivalent of an unpaid intern in the corporate world).  He was showing the other kids around, and familiarizing them with the boat and fishing.

Do it! Do it!

She did it!

One of the anglers challenged a young girl in the group to bite the head off an anchovy, promising her that it would give her good luck.  The brave little girl took on the challenge and we enjoyed a good laugh from it (didn’t check back to see how she ended up doing).

Out of the harbor, Capt. Danny headed south.  We anchored up off Hermosa Beach…fairly far out, in about 120 ft of water.  Sculpin was the order of the day, but all I could think about was trying to get on a halibut or ling.  While everyone else was soaking squid, I was dragging ‘dines on a reverse dropper hoping to get hit by one of these fish still unchecked on my list for the year.

Sculpies loved the shrimp fly

I could feel a lot of structure as I was raking my spot.  The guy next to me picked up a nice red.  I remembered I was supposed to trade my catch with a colleague at work so I figured I’d go ahead and try to pick some reds up too.  Switched out to a dropper with an orange shrimp fly and couldn’t keep the sculpin away.  I could’ve easily bagged a limit, but I threw most of them back.  I have a fridge full of fish after last weekend, so save these guys for later.

Jake the Sculpin Slayer

Once the boat was pretty much limited out on sculpin, we moved closer to shore, in a spot only about 40ft deep.  Now I was really focused on getting bit by a halibut.  I’m sitting up in the bow, fishing with Jake.  Juju is hanging out, but not fishing.  Guy next to me puts his clicker in and goes to use the head.  BAM!  Guess what?  I knew as soon as I heard the sound.  Not huge, but it’s a halibut.  Then the guy on the other side of the bow using a rent rod gets bit…another halibut that was just legal at 22″.  Another guy down the rail got bit and lost one.  Nada for Salty.  Curse you flatties!  Still, a beautiful day on the water enjoyed with my children, but I may have to disappear for awhile until I get that dang fish.  The boat got a few calicos in that spot as well to round out the fishing for the day.  Until next time…tight lines!

Juju with flattie #1

Juj-eye view of flattie #2


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