Posted by: socalsalty | August 25, 2011

Fishing Superstitions

JP cuda & 2 sandies (Thurs Aug 18)

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  Work is re-dic right now, and I’ve also been dealing with some personal things.  As always though, fishing offers a welcome respite.

Over the weekend, I took Jake and Juliana on their first twilight trip.  Somehow in all the times we’ve fished, Jake still hasn’t caught a sand bass.  We’ve been enjoying an epic run on sandies on the twilight trip out of MDR.  I went out last Thursday and it had slowed down, but I managed 2 sandies and 1 cuda that took the jackpot.  Despite the slow down, I figured twilight was the best bet to get Jake on at least one sandy.  Nope.  We both got a sculpin each.  Tough night, and that was it for the weekend fishing.  Juju was the smart one.  At the start of the trip, she said she wanted to fish.  I rigged her up to catch a perch.  She did, then spent the rest of the ride with either Dylan in the galley, or Capt. John in the wheelhouse.  Sunday we spent a lazy day by the water.  Late start, no fishing.  Instead we went biking around Venice Beach.  The kids enjoyed seeing a snowboarding exhibition (see below), the skate park, and just running around.


With the weekend behind me, my thoughts have been on tuna.  For weeks, the boats have been reporting seeing a lot of tuna, they just haven’t been on the chew.  When the bite went off finally last week, I didn’t have a ride .  So I’ve been trying to get ahead of the curve a little and actually make a reservation in advance…interesting new concept I know.  🙂  So not this weekend, but over Labor Day Weekend, I go on my first tuna trip.  I’ll be riding with the Eclipse out of Seaforth Landing, joining my buddy One Cool Tuna.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get up to speed on tuna fishing.  Friend of the blog, Dan Hernandez, recently took a trip on the Eclipse himself, and at the start of the trip he tweeted out a picture of a bunch of bananas, saying “Oh No, bananas.”  The bananas were kind of brown and nasty looking, but I still wondered why Dan thought it was tweet-worthy to send out a pic.  I needed to ask around and find out what the big deal was with bananas.  Start Me Up Sportfishing said it had to do with back in the old sailing days, the bananas would rot and spoil the other food on the boat.  Their post also makes mention of creepy crawlies (spiders, rats etc.) that would crawl out of the bananas and spread disease amongst the crew…a theory that was also presented to me by Shawn over at Fish Taco Chronicles.  Either way, old salties think bananas are bad luck on fishing boats.  Some boats don’t even allow Banana Boat brand suntan lotion onboard.  Note to self – NO BANANAS.

What fishing superstitions do you have?  Any good tips on fishing for tuna?  Let me know and wish me luck.  Tight lines!



  1. Hey Joe:

    Congrats on the jackpot. Fishing superstitions are really interesting. I don’t have any of my own, but I think the topic would make a great book or series of articles. I looked into it once and there are one or two books out there related to this topic. Tight lines!

    • If I’m so lucky and catch a tuna, superstition/custom has it that I’m supposed to eat the heart. Not sure where that comes from. Would love to know the origin. Thanks for stopping by Charley.

      • Do you at least get to cook it first… 🙂

  2. Negatory…raw, still beating…very primal. Look up “eat tuna heart” on YouTube. You’ll see what I mean.

    • Yeah pretty weird but definitely no cooking.

  3. Hey Salty! My superstition consists of resisting superstition. I was personally acccosted on my maiden cattle boat trip by an angry crew member who insisted that I was “cursing” the boat to a fishless trip. Based on my lack of spending on cattle boat trips, I would estimate that the result was on less fisherman on his boat. I’m all for a light-hearted rubbing, but I’ve been extremely put off by the over zealous approach displayed by those who otherwise need my dollars. I prefer to privete boat, with the foods, gear, and company that treats me right. When are we gonna fish?

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