Posted by: socalsalty | August 8, 2011

Fishing Vacations: Decision and Contest Announcement!

To recap, Wednesday I talked you through the destinations I was looking at and our candidates.  Friday, we looked at getting there.  Today we’ll review the fishing and accommodation packages, and have a very special announcement.

Tropic Star Lodge – Pinas Bay, Panama

We were already looking at between $1000-$1100 just to get there.  Assuming we had a party of 4 going down, for 4 nights lodging and 3 days of fishing, the current cost (December to March is high season) is $3145 per person, so over $4 large.  Well, it’s rated #1 and the price reflects it.  I WILL go here someday…just not this December.

Crocodile Bay Sports Fishing – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Just over $1100 to get there, and then the 3 day fishing package (with 2 rooms and 4 per boat) starts at $2295 per person.  A nice chunk cheaper than TSL, but still a little rich for my blood this year.

The Finalists

Panamax Sailfishing Vacations

Close to $800 to get there, and then the 4 night/3 day fishing package, $1525 per person.  Still above the original budget of $1500-$1800 that a 5 day long range trip runs, but all in at @ $2300, around what the fishing package alone for Croc Bay runs.

* EDITORIAL NOTE – originally I was viewing rates for the week before Christmas, there is major festival going on at that time and I re-checked based on first 2 weeks of Dec.  Price dropped to $616 to $622 via AeroMexico

Palmas de Cortez, East Cape of Baja Mexico

Van Wormers allows you to pick your package from an ala carte menu.  So you can definitely cut costs here…like going with a Super Panga boat vs. the Deluxe Cruiser which I chose for the purpose of comparing apples to apples with the other boats included in the fishing packages.  For a party of 4 though (2 rooms and 1 boat per day), for 4 nights and 3 days fishing, it came out to @ $1500 per person.

Decision Time

Palmas de Cortez looks fantastic.  Right out of the gate, it met my criteria of trying to fit in the cost of a 5 day long range trip, fantastic fishing, and all the amenities of a resort destination.  I’d already been looking at going there and this exercise has only cemented my desire to make that trip.  They have some events next May that I think I can pull a good group together for and it will be a great trip.

When it got right down to it though, Panamax sounds so exotic…sailfishing capital of the world, IGFA records, the allure of the ancient Mayan heritage and just something completely new to me.  Eight bills though is eight bills.  Now here’s the good part…my buddy Jon of iFished is in country there in Guatemala and negotiated a special deal for me and a select group of saltwater fishing, adventure-minded salties!

Jon got Capt. Tom to agree to a fantastic deal to tip the scales. Panamax has a new fishing boat and wants to christen it in style.  Capt. Tom is going to giveaway 2 nights and 1 days of fishing.  The lucky winner will join Capt. Tom, Jon, and I on a once-in-a-lifetime sailfishing adventure.  If you don’t want to leave this tremendous opportunity to chance, then you can buy into this exotic fishing vacation package for only $1070 per person!  You will find all the details here on the iFished site.

This could be YOU!

Entry Form


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