Posted by: socalsalty | August 5, 2011

Fishing Vacations: Part 2

I’m still in Seattle on vacation.  I’m having a great time.  Jake and I had a fantastic day on the water on Tuesday.  It’s been great to visit with friends and family, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking my fishing vacation at the end of the year.  As you’ll recall, I narrowed down the geography to Mexico or Central America.  I wanted to go somewhere warm at the end of the year, somewhere not too far away, somewhere that offered awesome exotic fishing, but with other “touristy” options, and fit it all into the time and budget comparable to a 5 day long range trip.  Tall order?  I guess we’ll find out…

Getting There

I used Kayak because it compares multiple online sites at the same time.  I checked flights from LAX to the closest airport.  The destinations all involved additional travel once in country to get to the fishing spot, so I noted those details as well.

Tropic Star Lodge – Pinas Bay, Panama

Flights to Panama City ranged from $554 to 616.  Once you arrive, a shuttle takes you to a hotel in town where you spend the night.  The next morning, you take a puddle jumper from a smaller airport for a 50 minute flight to TSL.  The cost of the RT flight from Panama City to the lodge isn’t covered, it costs an additional $500.  Ouch.  Something tells me that it’s going to cost more than another $500-700 for the actual fishing and accommodations once you get there.

Crocodile Bay Sports Fishing – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Flights from LAX to San Jose Airport ranged from $764 to $768.  Once there, you can either buy the Platinum Transfer Package or arrange your own travel to the lodge.  The package gets you a one night stay in San Jose and RT air on Nature Air for $400.  Caveat…you are only allowed 1 30# luggage + 1 10# carry-on, or face additional charges.  I had to remove stuff to get my bag to 50# coming back from Vegas for ICAST and that was only 3 days.  This is going to be tight.

Panamax Sailfishing Vacations – Marina Pez Vela, Guatemala

LAX to Guatemala City ran $771 to 802.  A little more than the other flights.  However, the cost of the hotel and transfer to Marina Pez Vela (just over an hour ride) is included in the vacation package pricing.  Hmmm…this looks promising.



Palmas de Cortez – East Capt, Baja Mexico

Airfare was $512 to $519 to fly from LAX to San Jose del Cabo airport.  Once you get into San Jose, you’ll need to rent a car to drive 30 miles up the coast to get to the East Cape.  Checking the link on the Van Wormer site, it runs $144 to rent an intermediate size car from Budget for the week.  Not bad…this one might work too.

Next up: (Monday) Comparing the packages and the pick


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