Posted by: socalsalty | July 25, 2011

Trip Report: Sunday on the Daily Double

Beautiful Sunday morning at Point Loma

Half day boats are the workhorses of every sportfishing fleet.  They go out 2, sometimes 3 times per day (if they do a twilight run), so they typically see more customers, rig more rent rods, cut more filets etc.  The days tend to have a rhythm to them knowing what’s going to work best in the morning, what to look for and adapt accordingly as the day progresses, and always having an ace in the hole spot to put fish in the customers bags (often a sculpin or rockfish rock close to home).  And so it went on Sunday…I was down in San Diego and fished both runs with the Daily Double (video link).  We started the day sand bass fishing in the flats off Tijuana.  We moved into a mixed sandy/rockfish spot to finish the morning.  In the afternoon, we hit the kelp just off the Pt. Loma lighthouse.  The conditions weren’t quite what Tony was looking for, so we made a short move, and then came back to the first spot when he knew the current was up and going to lay down the kelp.

Like the New Del Mar out of Marina del Rey, the Double is kind of my home boat down in San Diego.  They are the half day boat running out of Point Loma Sportfishing.  I know everyone on the crew.  They welcome me when I come down.  They know what’s up with the blog, so they make sure I get my shots and share their insights with me on the fishing.  I take more than my share of ribbing from them, but it’s friendly and comfortable for everyone.  Yesterday, Capt. Tony was at the helm.  Lead deckhand Jason runs the show on deck.  Jason was assisted by Mike and Matt, and Anita was in the galley.  Sundays are my buddy John’s day off, so it’s his day to just fish and try out the gear that magically accumulates in his workshop.

I plan to do a detailed account of my observations calico bass fishing.  Along with my personal experience with it, I got to see 2 guys (who really know what they are doing) catch some big fish.  For now though, I’ll share some pictures from the day.  Tight lines!

Picking up bait, a SoCal luxury

Capt Tony with an assist for a young angler

A very close AM jackpot weigh in

And the winner is...

Matt giving Fishing 101 on the PM ride

My PB for the trip, calico bass caught with a fly lined chove in the heavy kelp

Jason holding the PM jackpot fish, big calico caught by Joey from Squidco (weighed for JP and released)

1st view for me: orange & black rockfish



  1. Great report Joe and good job out there. I’m looking forward to reading about your thoughts on calico fishing. For me flylining a sardine into the pockets of kelp can be frustrating, but often rewarding as that often yields a JP contender calico.

  2. Thanks for coming by Jimmy. I hadn’t fished targeting calico bass like this trip since last summer (just some random catches here and there). It took me awhile to get into a groove, and you’re right…it can sometimes be frustrating. Wait’ll I tell you what it took to take that one you see above!

  3. I believe that’s a china rockfish.

  4. What are you doing up so early Jake? You going fishing without me?!?! 🙂

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