Posted by: socalsalty | July 1, 2011

Trip Report: New Del Mar Twilight

The winning cuda and my biggest sandy

This is going to be quick…I just finished eating and cleaning up and then I’m headed back out tomorrow.  Nice bass bite tonight.  We were parked just off Pacific Palisades and were working some rocks in maybe 100 ft of water.  Some quality calicos and sandies, with a mix of perch and sculpin sprinkled in.

I was proud of myself though tonight.  I won with that white seabass on Saturday.  Today’s trip yielded nothing close to that catch.  What did happen though was I fishing for bass and noticed some bird activity maybe 20 yards off the starboard side.  I reeled in my line and quickly switched up to my jig stick which was already sporting Jake’s Cuda Killer jig.  I fired out past the birds and started reeling.  Three winds and

The cuda killer is getting beat up 🙂

BANG!  I was hooked up.  I reeled in that cuda and kept trying for more, but that was it.  A rent rod in the starboard/stern corner got hooked up on a cuda, but he dumped it at the rail.  And that was it for the barracuda action.

In the end, there was a sand bass that was close, but I still got him with the cuda.  Chalk up another win for Salty…3 for my last 3.  Final tally, 1 barracuda, 4 sand bass, 1 sculpin, 1 treefish.  No new species, but I’ll take it.  I’m taking out one of my work colleagues tomorrow on the MDR 3/4 day boat, the Spitfire.  Let you know what happens then.  Tight lines.

The final tally


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