Posted by: socalsalty | July 1, 2011

Trip Report: New Del Mar AM run

See you next year little calico

Today the streak came to an end.  I was 3 for 3 winning jackpots on my last 3 rides.  It couldn’t last forever and I was reminded of the saying today…(in unison now) “That’s why it’s called fishing, not catching.” 

I met our IP lawyer, Andrew, at the dock for his first time on the ocean.  We had planned to ride the Spitfire, but they had an issue with their bait pump and didn’t go.  So we boarded the NDM an hour later instead.

The bite was scratchy for everyone, but I had my opportunities.  I just couldn’t hook up 😦   I managed this sweet little calico at the last stop to prevent a total skunking, so that’s positive, but he went back home and I came away with an empty sack.  That’s ok, I still have the fish from last night to cut, so c’est la vie.


On the good side, I watched a dad (Tarus) enjoy a great day on the ocean with his kids.  His daughter, Rebecca went to town with both a nice total catch and winning jackpot with a nice sheephead.  Final tally, 1 sheephead, 1 big sand bass, 3 calico bass, and a perch for good measure.  Nice job Rebecca!

I’m on the fence about fishing the rest of the weekend.  I’m going to take the kids to see the WSB raising pen in Marina del Rey tomorrow.  Josh from MDR Anglers is going to show it to us.  I may just sit on the sidelines until Sun night or Mon and see how things play out in the counts before committing to a tuna trip.  I may end up going to Channel Islands Sportsfishing and see if I can get another WSB or tick off a halibut or ling off the Salty Top 10.  Best of luck to you in your fishing endeavors.  Check in later.  Tight lines!

Rebecca's big haul

Andrew managed a treefish = 1 nice rockfish taco

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