Posted by: socalsalty | June 28, 2011

The Salty Top 10 Revealed

Thanks Jake!

I just finished updating the page and the entire Top 10 Saltwater Fish in SoCal  list has been revealed!  It also has my updated record for 2011 on each species.  Many of my fishy friends are represented in the pics, like Joe of Hook Ideas, Ryo from the New Del Mar, Arman from the Cuda Madness video, the mysterious Hunting Bigfoot, and of course my best fishing buddy, my son Jake.

I’m feeling pretty good on where I am against the goal.  The only one that concerns me at this point is getting a halibut, as the best time of year (May) has passed.  This exercise was a good though, as I know I should prioritize getting that fish now before the window shuts.

Then of course there’s yellowtail, in my opinion the #1 fish of SoCal.  I have my reasons as to why I put it above tuna (and I’ll get around to writing that post, trust me), but one reason is the season/bite can be inconsistent, and when/where they do come in, you’re going to need to employ different tactics to be successful.  Last year, reports would come that they were biting in a certain spot, and then it would stop.  There’s still lots of time though.  I had my opportunity last year in October and blew it, but I feel better equipped skill-wise this year to capitalize when the opportunity presents itself and we’re now in the season for them.

I welcome your comments, rants, pics etc.  Comment on the page or email me:

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