Posted by: socalsalty | June 26, 2011

Trip Report: Day At The Docks and New Del Mar

Josh (Madeline's dad) with a young angler

The day started off spending the morning at the Marina Del Rey Anglers’ – Youth Day at the Docks.   I met Madeline and her dad the night I caught all that barracuda.  Turns out that Madeline’s dad, Josh, is a member of MDR Anglers.  He told me about the event, and I was happy to write it up here on the blog, and also go down and volunteer my time.  Thank you Del Taco for contributing to the goody bags we handed out to the kids!

Nice calico!

We had a great turnout, and the dock action was pretty decent.  Amidst the wide open mackerel and jack smelt bite, some lucky anglers managed to hook into shorty calico bass, and also a shorty white seabass.  Interesting…

When the kids event was over, I headed over to Dock 52 to board the New Del Mar for it’s afternoon run.

On the NDM, we were fishing for barracuda, but there were a lot of people on the boat.  I wasn’t having good luck throwing my jig.  On first cast, I nailed a pelican (in flight!).  Subsequent casts, I was raking in lines of people fly lining for the cuda.  Remembering that there was some nice sand bass action the last time we were out for the cuda, I decided to switch up to my bass rig (7’6″ G Loomis 15-40# rod, Trinidad 12 reel, with 30# Power Pro and 20# mono) and outfitted it with a Dan Hernandez B52 bucktail (green/yellow) tipped with squid.

I dropped it to the bottom, and then took it up about a crank and half.  I was kind of dancing it around when all of a sudden I got hit…HARD.  Whatever it was, it was stripping line out and all I could do was hold on and pray everything held up to the test.  When it would take a breather, I could take some line back.  This routine went on for a good long while, and I was lucky that the fight was mostly up and down and I didn’t have to pick my way too far along the rail with all those people.  I was hoping to see my first legal flattie when it came up.  I was expecting to see a shark.  I had no idea that it would be my first ever white seabass.

Thank you to Capt. Danny for clearing the rail and coaching me (even how best to hold it up for a picture) through this epic battle.  Obviously, I won the jackpot and took home a lot of fish.  Eric the deckhand even sashimi’d out some slices that I gladly shared with several of the other anglers onboard (YUM!).  More importantly though, as Jake astutely pointed out, I will make the boat’s brag book…now that is salty 😉

Tight lines!

NOTE – The crew saved the head for me and will turn it in.  More info why can be found here.

Jake and I celebrating a big Salty family win!



  1. That’s a nice White Sea Bass!!! I want one. Look’s like a good day of fishing.
    Top it off winning the Jackpot. Hope to see you guys soon.
    Great Job!
    Perry & Bryce

  2. They are definitely out there bro. Would love to fish with you guys soon. Jake even mentioned Chef Moto when we were sashimi-ing on the boat.

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