Posted by: socalsalty | June 20, 2011

Special Offer For SoCalSalty Readers

Like you, I dream of going on exotic trips targeting the great gamefish of the world.  Who of us hasn’t fantasized about catching marlin, sailfish, peacock bass, roosterfish etc. at the hotspot fishing destinations around the globe?  I was recently contacted by one of the co-founders of Red Tuna Shirt Club.   He told me their story and I like what these 2 fishing friends are doing.

What is it and how does it work?

The service sends you a new t-shirt every month from one of the top boats or charter services, from all the destinations you read about in your fishing mags.   Each shirt that you receive is going to be from a great skipper or service that you would love to fish with, and there is usually an interesting story behind each one as well.

To maintain a high level of quality, if the boat/charter has an existing design, Red Tuna will duplicate the design, but produce the shirts within their tightly controlled quality engineering processes to make sure that for example an XL always measures out the same, and that the quality of the shirt itself is consistently high.  The sample they sent me was a really nice shirt, and one that Salty will gladly wear around (ie. it won’t be one I wipe my hands with after pinning on a bait).

The service costs $20 per month.  It is a very flexible service.  You can buy for 1 month or 100 months, but if you buy for 6 months, you get a free seventh month…2 free months free if you commit to a year.

What’s the SoCalSalty deal?

You’ll get 25% off your first shirt (so $5 off) if you enter the discount code “socalsalty” (it IS case sensitive) when you order.  Operators are standing by 😉 (Not really, I just always wanted to say that).  Don’t wait though, the offer expires at midnight Wednesday, June 22 (Central, so 10pm Pacific).  Give it a shot and let me know what you think.  Tight lines!


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