Posted by: socalsalty | June 19, 2011

Trip Report: Jake’s Lake (Father’s Day 2011)

One day Adventure Pass...only $5!

Yes, you read that correctly…L-A-K-E.  Can you use that in a sentence Salty? (Editorial note, I won my school spelling bee in 4th grade ;-)) Freshwater fishing is done in a LAKE.

Take a moment and let that settle…

Today after eating breakfast with the kids, we decided to do a little exploring.  We entered the Angeles National Forest from the Azusa entrance and just drove around.  On the odd chance we found something fishy looking, I always keep my extendable rod in the trunk, and Jake brought the freshwater kit he put together from when we went to the Fred Hall Show.

Attaching 30 lbs. to your head is an effective way to get exercise when hiking uphill

Some of the roads that had previously been closed because of the wildfires had reopened, and there was a fishing only lake marked in the park map we picked up when buying the Adventure Pass.

We found the spot and parked. After lugging a 30 pound weight on my head uphill, we happened upon the lake and proceeded to see if we could find a fishy looking area.  Knowing bass like structure, we noticed a submerged rock as we walked the trail surrounding the lake and decided to stop and check it out.

The object of our affection

Sure enough, there was a bass we could see in there.  I found a small white tube jig in Jake’s freshwater kit and put it on the line.  The water was crystal clear (I know, can’t really tell from the picture) so we could see the bass and see the jig which was very entertaining.  We definitely had his attention, but couldn’t get him to strike.

Shout out to all my freshwater fishing friends, send me your rigging tips.  Another hiker told us they saw a HUGE one by a submerged log on the other side.  Jake is out of school, so I think I’m going to take a day off this week and see if we can entice these guys to bite.  Show us how to get tight lines in the fresh.

Jake on "his" lake



  1. What depth are they at? If on the bottom or in weeds, try dragging a purple worm, with two hooks and you can add a little flasher on its nose if you want.

  2. Pretty close to the bottom…3-4 feet of water tops. We bobbed around the tube jig to make it look like it was some little thing poking in the weeds. He’d swim back a little and then turn around and watch it again. We were only there for @ 30 min because I was late to bring the kids back to their mom. I want to go back and throw a few different things at him.

  3. it can be tough when the water is clean ’cause they can see you too, right? Other options are a mepps lure used for trout typically, I like the ol fashion red/white striped and try whatever you got; also top water jigs might get some attention. Have fun!

  4. Joe! What’s up dude. When visibility is better than 3 feet & using soft plastic baits such as worms, grubs or tube baits try using natural, semi-transparent colors such as pumpkin, watermelon and other shades of green. Let me know how it goes!

    • Thanks Dave! I was inventorying my stuff to see what I had for fresh. Got some of what you’re saying (some tube jigs) and then some topwater stuff to try as well. I can probably bomb out there in the morning and make it in to the office before they even miss me 😉

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