Posted by: socalsalty | June 15, 2011

Trip Report: Redondo Special – Day In Pics

I tweeted/posted on Monday that the Redondo Special almost scored a boat limit of White Seabass (WSB) on their morning run.  That afternoon, they logged another 8 of the elusive ghosts.  Seeing that report, I felt like it was imperative that I get on that boat yesterday morning.

Well sometimes you’re the dog and other times you’re the tree.  Here’s the countRedondo’s 3/4 day boat, the Tradition, got 13 yesterday.  The Special’s afternoon run got 4.  I viewed a few private boaters score on the WSB too.  Our boat…nada.  What can I say?  I had 3 big hookups.  First one was a HUGE bat ray…probably 4 feet across wingtip to wingtip.  I fought it for 20 minutes easy.  Thanks to Ryan for his assistance.  When we saw it was a ray, we cut the line.  The other 2 broke off before we saw what they were.  The third one was definitely another ray, BUT (and I hate to say it) I think the second one was a WSB…it had head shakes.  That’s how it goes.  The white seabass are definitely around.  Been seeing a lot in the counts for both Catalina, up in the Channel Islands and obviously close in here at Rocky Point.  The limit goes up at midnight tonight from 1 to 3.  Get out now for your shot at the elusive ghost.  Tight lines!

Quick note – Redondo Sportfishing now has it’s own landing office again, so call ahead to the office and not the individual captain’s phones as previously reported.

Redondo Special getting ready to go out

Boiler rocks on Rocky Point

Going batty

Matt, tackle shop owner from Woodland Hills, with a nice calico

Nice calico that I CPR'd

A rare Rocky Point dorado 😉

Jackpot cuda


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