Posted by: socalsalty | June 7, 2011

Meet Capt. Wild Bill of Deadliest Catch!

The Dana Point Boat and Green Expo is happening this weekend.  It’s a different sort of boat show in that it is also a green expo.  So alongside the various boating manufacturers and related services, there are also vendors to help you go green…solar companies and the like.  That’s interesting.  There are also a lot of cool films being screened.  Friend of the blog, Michelle Kearney of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation is giving a

Capt. Wild Bill of the Kodiak

seminar on clean boating practices.  Another friend of the blog, Dana Wharf Sportfishing, has a booth at the show, and will be hosting  Capt. Wild Bill of Deadliest Catch fame who will be talking about boater safety.

I’m a fan of the show, and I understand Capt. Bill is a sportfisherman as well.  I’m definitely going to try and make it down…maybe catch the show, make a weekend of it and go fishing too.  Dana Point is such a beautiful spot.  I’ve fished with Dana Wharf, by myself and with the kids.  I’ve rented kayaks and fished the bay.  This weekend there’s all that and more.  The show starts Thursday and extends through the weekend.  Here’s a complete list of all the events.

Get out and enjoy the show!



  1. Capt.Wild Bill, What a guy! Ive watched deadliest catch since the first show. I was a True Capt, Phil Fan, after he passed wasnt sure if I could keep watching,Then I saw Capt Bill, And I must say, Hes got my attention!!!! Like Capt Phil hes not only a exciting crab boat capt. But hes very conscious of the environment, and doing things the right way!! As long as Capt. Wild Bill is on Deadliest Catch I’ll B watching!!!! Safe Fishing to you & your Crew Capt. Bill. Suzie H Here in the heartland of the U.S.A Missouri

  2. Definitely a big personality. Would love the chance to chat with him. Thanks for stopping by Suzie.

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