Posted by: socalsalty | May 29, 2011

Video Trip Report: Long Beach Harbor with Dan Hernandez and Joe of Hook Ideas

It's ok Joe, better days are ahead

Went out yesterday with Dan Hernandez, and Joe of Hook Ideas.  We did our best yesterday to get on some fish, but conditions were really lousy all up and down the coast.  As we gassed up, the Coast Guard was putting up double red flags, signaling a gale force warning.  We went out anyway, but it just wasn’t happening.  At the end of it all, Joe got on a nice spotted bay bass which made him spontaneously cry tears of joy 😉  Yup, that kind of a day, and Joe actually had the best of the 3 of us!

Like I always say though, a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.  Thanks to Dan and Joe for a fun day on the water despite the uncooperative weather.



  1. Hey Salty,

    Great report, and every word is true. That little spottie will have a place in my heart for a long time. One of these trips we’ll have something to write about!

  2. Joe, I was really moved by your public display of emotion. You really worked hard for that fish. It was inspiring to watch buddy.

  3. OK, great video, mine is not done yet, but it will not be anything like yours.. 2 problems, 1 had to get a new camera, and did not get a full charge on it. Second we had a much rougher trip than you. No Yellows, but still had a fun day sort of.. I will get a report to you soon.

    Nice job, wait for my 5 day trip video..

    One Cool Tuna..

    • It was ok, but the cuda one is still my best so far. Getting a feel for the shots and narrative though. I really need a better setup to edit though. Want to learn how you go about it. Sorry your trip didn’t work out. I went out Monday and it was still kinda lousy although we got into a decent cuda bite.

  4. Love the underwater shots! Cool!

    • Thanks for stopping by Shannon! Try to get much more of those for you this week in NY.

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