Posted by: socalsalty | May 21, 2011

My End Of The World Birthday Party

OK, so as I write this post it’s just after 10pm Pacific.  I’m just going to go ahead and call it…Hooray, it wasn’t the end of the world.  If that kooky reverend comes out tomorrow and says, “Well, did it make you think twice about how you should spend your days?”  Then fine, I’ll give the guy credit.  Yes, it did, and I spent a really lovely day with my two kids, Jacob and Juliana (Jake and Juju for short).  This morning, Jake and I finished building his school project of a water balloon launcher (why did I not take pictures?).  Then the three of us launched water balloons into the driveway with the occasional superb effort making it out into the street.  Then we went to lunch at our local favorite diner, DJ’s.  Then we went to Johnny’s and hung out there for awhile, before we picked up some things for dinner and went to my house.

Once home, we had the first proper bbq of the year with the last of the ‘cuda I caught, prepared in my citrus/beer/soy marinade, with some grilled sausages, mixed grilled veggies, rice, and an awesome dessert of brownie sundaes a la mode!

In my mind, the only thing better would be if I had gone yellowtail fishing the day before with my dad, brother, cousin, son and best friend.  We got to watch the Huskies win the National Championship in the Rose Bowl, and then tailgated this meal in the Arroyo Seco in the glow of our purple and gold happiness.  Today was pretty dang good though.    🙂  Enjoy the pics.  I hope you took this same opportunity to enjoy your blessings too.

Juju was there for my final day

So was my big son, Jake

Weird dog Dorothy crashed the party

Jake and Juju humored me and were into our little patio party

Watch me go Bobby Flay on this 'cuda

What'd I tell ya?

I prepared some of the zuch "blackened" style 😉

Part of Johanna's succulent garden

Juju's cool little centerpiece

Juj was clearly ok with our "final meal"

Juju made some brownies with the help of her mom

Eating them a la mode was the topper to our day



  1. Great day B. Sure enjoyed the pictures. Wow, I wished I could join you for dinner!! LOL

  2. Thanks Auntie Phebe. Yes, we had a really nice day, and because we finished Jake’s project early, had a chance to go out and enjoy another day on the water. Great weekend!

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