Posted by: socalsalty | May 17, 2011

What To Do With All The ‘Cuda, Part 2

Couldn't wait to taste it

Above you see the marinated, grilled fish.  Because it’s such a mild fish, I didn’t think the bankies would hold up well with the marinade, but as usual, it was my fave of the bunch.  It plumps up so nicely when it cooks, and the marinade added a nice complementing flavor.  The perch and sheephead weren’t terrible, but I didn’t love it.  A close second was the ‘cuda slab.  The meat is a dense flesh…similar to say a thresher shark.  Because it’s dense, it held up well to grilling.  My only woulda coulda was I should’ve done a glaze…separate out some of the marinade, add something sweet (brown sugar, honey, molasses), and then glaze it on toward the end of the grilling. The skinned cuda didn’t fare as well.  It got burnt on the first side to go down.  Have to pay more attention to it if I’m going to try grilling it again.  I’m thinking of trying it on a cedar plank (the filets).

The control group

The control group, prepared simply with just salt, pepper and olive oil was uniformly good, if a little plain.  Perfect to pair with some kind of fresh salsa, or some other tasty accompaniment.  It’s a good base to work with, just like my Simple Way to Cook Fish and cleanup is easy since it was on the grill.

I ate the perch last night as part of a quesadilla with pepper jack and cheddar cheeses, tomatoes, and pickled jalapenos.

I’ll likely use more in the same way you’d prepare a tuna fish sandwich.  The SoCal way to do this is with mayo, lime, diced white onions and tomatoes, finely chopped jalapeno or serrano peppers, and salt and pepper to taste.  I like to lightly toast the bread, add a slice of cheese, and pile on the fish.  These are great hardy sandwiches that I love to take with me when I go out on the boats.

The bankie that I wrapped in foil is still inside there (but inside the fridge).  I put some tabs of butter inside the fish cavity and on both sides of the fish.  I salt and peppered the sides and inside and just left it on the outer part of the grill throughout the grilling process.  I’m thinking it will make a nice addition to a salad of some sort.  I’ll let you know if I make something good out of it.

As always, the bankies were my favorite.



  1. It’s 10:28 CST and you’re making me hungry!

    • That’s a good sign! Thanks for stopping by Mari. 🙂

  2. Damn, dude, that’s some tasty looking grub. I’m going home to grill up some gills.

    • Thanks. We’ll hopefully have the chance to grill up some shark steaks!

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