Posted by: socalsalty | May 13, 2011

New Salty Video! ‘Cuda Madness on the New Del Mar

I didn't spend the whole day behind the camera

The barracuda recently invaded Santa Monica Bay.  After slogging thru more than my share of rockfish and sandbass/sculpin trips, their arrival signaled a change in the SoCal fishing season.  I wanted to go out and experience it, and we were lucky to have a great crew that put us on the fish, awesome conditions for filming, and a lot of eager salties to go out and slay the logs.  Enjoy!



  1. Nice video! Looks like a great day on the water.

    • Thanks Matt. Yes, pretty epic day

  2. Sweet. That looks like it was a ton of fun!

    • Gonna be memorable and hard to top. Good motivation to see our project through.

  3. That was RAD and more inspiration for me to get my own GoPro. I love the rig, and underwater shots. Great music too! You nailed it pal.

    • Thanks Joe. Next…shark?

  4. Joe, the video looks SWEET!!! You guys had a great trip.

    Hey, are you using the flat lens on the GoPro case or the stock one that came with the camera?? The underwater footage looks nice.

    • Thanks Paul. It dropped off a bit now, so very lucky that it all came together like it did. Feeling kind of privileged that for the last 2 weeks in a row, I’ve been in the middle of the hot bite.

  5. Nice job on the video and the fishing. Got to get out and work on my fishing skills soon. Hope the weather holds up or settles into a normal season soon..

    • Yes, the weather took a real nasty turn, didn’t it. Monday was ok, then cotton fields. Looked at some of the reports today and it seemed like things improved. Hopefully by the weekend we’re back into it. I’ll get back to you on Memorial Day weekend. Thanks!

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