Posted by: socalsalty | May 6, 2011

Trip Report: New Del Mar – Afternoon Halfer (May 5th, 2011)

Chris arrived at Dock 52 on his motorcycle

I’m feeling salty again!  What a great day on the water.  Good conditions, good people, and good fishing!

Today’s crew on the New Del Mar was Capt. Danny driving, Ziggy on deck, and Axel splitting time between the deck and galley.  This boat and the Spitfire (3/4 day) out of Marina Del Rey, I consider my home boats.  They’re accessible in terms of distance, are well run, have  friendly and knowledgeable crews, and almost always put me on fish.  Today did not disappoint.

If you’ve been keeping track, 2 weeks ago, I caught a lot of fish, riding 3 boats in 3 days, but missed opportunities to catch a jackpot red and had to return what would’ve been a jackpot ling.  Then last week, Jake and I essentially got shut out up north in the Channel Islands.  So I’ve been really NEEDING a good outing.  Today I got it.  The day started off great, met a really cool guy in the  parking lot, Chris, who dives, kayaks, and fishes the sportboats…a true salty.

Pay on the red!

Once on the boat, we discovered that there were 5 lings taken on the morning trip!  It was uncharacteristically foggy once we got out of the harbor.  At the first spot, we couldn’t even see land.  As the day wore on though, the sun came out, and that’s when the fishing got good.  Lots of nice quality fish were taken on the boat.  I don’t have the count (will be posted here), but I think pretty much everyone got fish.  Not limits, but great quality fish…reds, big bocaccio, starrys, barber poles etc.  The jackpot fish was taken by angler Mike Richards with the bigger of these 2 fish.  I’m guessing just north of 5lbs?

On the last stop of the day, new fishing buddy Julian took a nice red.  I noticed Chris wasn’t having much luck over the course of the day.  I said, “Try this” and stripped off a skinned filet from a shorty brown rockfish someone threw in a bait tank.  Chris was all smiles coming back from the bow with this nice red.  “He bit on the strip!  Thanks Salty!  My mom is going to love having this for dinner on Mother’s Day.”

Capt Jeremy on the Spitfire got all his 8 anglers limits of rockfish.  It was a good day all the way around at MDR Sportfishing.  Get out there.  Tight Lines.

Chris with his red caught on a rockfish strip

Julian with a fat red taken on a live 'dine

My big bocaccio and one of my chuckleheads


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