Posted by: socalsalty | May 4, 2011

Sian + Salty = Incredible Organic Red Snapper Dinner

One section of Sian's garden

Sian is my colleague at work.  One of the reasons why I enjoy working where I do so much is that there are tons of smart, creative people there.  What everyone does for work is only scratching the surface of who they are as a person.  One of the ladies in Finance races drift cars.  My former mentor just returned from touring South America on a motorcycle.  One of the guys in Legal is an avid surfer. A guy I met with another operating company is a para-sailing instructor.

Sian is a foodie who has an organic garden and raises her own chickens in the middle of a Los Angeles suburb!

When I have a good weekend of fishing, I like to share my fish, and see what people do with it.  You’ve seen some cool stuff from another colleague, Fletch.   Two weekends ago, I missed out on a couple opportunities for greatness, but in the end, I did take home almost 3 limits of rockfish!  I ate some, freezed some, and gave away a bit to Sian.

Below is her offering…Red Snapper on a bed of fava bean mash, with melted leeks and bagna cauda sauce.  It’s served with a side of oven-roasted carrots.  Maybe if a lot of you ask, she’ll write down a recipe for us…?

Just some fish and carrot thing 😉



  1. Drifting by the sea, where we watch Andrew surf, while eating lunch cooked by Sian which consist of fish caught by you! Now that would be awesome! Your blog makes me want to fish just so I can see what my husband can do with the catch of the day!! Thanks Joe!

    • Hey thanks Drift Queen! That is a pretty picture. And if your family would like to try your hand at catching the fish, I’ll be happy to get you guys out with me sometime.

  2. It was delicious, thanks for the Snapper. Sian is too good to me:)

    • Hey Todd, thanks for stopping by. You guys may be getting more. No yellowtail, but big day on the water yesterday at Clemente Island

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