Posted by: socalsalty | April 6, 2011

Gear Report: Inox MX3 Lube

When I did the review of One Cool Tuna’s reel labels, I had bought the labels off the OCT site, and Jeff (aka One Cool Tuna) dropped a spray bottle of Inox MX3 lube in the box for me to try out.  I’m a little tinker-phobic in general, so when it comes to my reels, I will have them serviced as needed rather than mess around opening them up myself.  I’m starting to get more and more comfortable doing certain things as I learn what I’m doing, but hadn’t gotten to that point when OCT sent that bottle out.  As a result, it sat on my shelf for awhile waiting.

One Cool Tuna at Fred Hall - Del Mar

Well when it came time to hit the Fred Hall Show last month, I knew OCT would be working and made it a point to visit him in his booth.  In addition to fishing, taking pictures and video of fishing, and talking about fishing, OCT has a job.  His job is working for Inox Lube West, West Coast distributors of lubricant products for Inox of Australia.  Unlike me, I’m discovering that Jeff likes to tweak with things and he’s found a myriad of uses for Inox products as it relates to fishing.

Inox MX3 lube

The Inox lube is food safe, doesn’t dry out or wash out with water.  Most interesting to me, it penetrates creases and crevasses to get down into where it needs to be.  So said Jeff.  I needed to test it out for myself.  I’ve had a pair of needlenose pliers sitting on a shelf for at least 6 months.  I used to take them out with me kayaking before I got the X Tools Floating Pliers.  I stopped using the needlenose pliers because they were frozen…rusted shut so that I couldn’t even open them.  They were cheapie Home Depot pliers, but I just couldn’t bear to throw them away.  Good thing…I had something to severely test the Inox lubricant.

Note: When I started, the rag was completely white. Look at the ooze coming out the middle

I sprayed the Inox on both sides of the pliers, waited a minute and tried to pry them apart.  Got them to move a little.  Little more spray, little more opening.  Pretty soon, they were opening wide and rusty gunk was oozing out of it.  As I kept working them and wiping off the rust, they became smoother and smoother.  Wow, this stuff really works!

I’ve since used the lube to unstick sticky zippers, sticky clicker knobs etc.  It works great.  Jeff says the product is good to spray on your tackle box (mine is a heavy duty canvas) to keep it water proof.  It’s also good to spray on any moving parts that get wet…like if you have a Hobie kayak with the Mirage Drive.  I’m sure you can find a lot of great non-fishing uses for it as well, but my spray bottle is now in my tackle  box.  Get your own!



  1. Thanks for the review. It was great meeting you as well, the MX3 is a great lube and protector for all your fishing tackle. Works good on reels and can even be applied to the reel with line on it. It won’t hurt the line or the bite.. Thanks again. see you on the water, can’t wait to go fishing..
    Jeff – OneCoolTuna

  2. I was wondering about that part…how it may affect the bite being on the line. I may have to do an update after having some time to test. Tight Lines Tuna!

  3. I just figured out another use this stuff, keeping my kitchen shears smooth on the joint

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