Posted by: socalsalty | March 28, 2011

Trip Report: A Silver Lining

Jake: making the feathers rain

Let me just start off this post saying, “The fishing was lousy!”  That was for you @Fishbum55!

Went out Sunday on the kids’ boat at Dana Wharf.  As I’ve mentioned before, Dana Wharf has a great kids clinic every Sunday at noon.  The clinic takes place on a boat and they show the kids how to tie knots, pin on a bait etc.  At 12:30, the boat goes out (given enough people show up) for a half day.  The kids and I had a very fishy weekend…Saturday at the Fred Hall Show in Del Mar, and Sunday at Dana Wharf.  I thank God they enjoy it (or put up with Dad).  Jake scored a ton of free stuff at the show.   One example being, he amazed the DFG guys by knocking out 16 pheasants in their simulation, winning a killer trout starter kit.  Another real thrill for Jake, was Corey Sanden of MC Swimbaits signing his current issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing and personally showing Jake his favorite calico killer baits.  These plastics are a So Cal secret and are favorites of guys like Morgan Promnitz of Hobie Kayak Fishing and SWBA competitors.

Jake and Juju with Capt. Jack

I  bought the special Owner hooks to match the MC’s, and we were ready to take jackpot.  Unfortunately, Sunday didn’t quite play out as planned.  We made it to the clinic.  There we met asst captain, Jack.  Jack, Jake, Juliana, and Joe (aka Salty) hit it off from the start.  Jake showed off how he already knew how to tie a Palomar knot and pick a good bait.

I was just excited to catch a nice day.  It was raining inland, but we somehow knew that heading south we’d get out from under the clouds and we were right.  The weather and the fact that Juju a) wanted to come out, and b) didn’t get seasick was a win in my book.  I tried to remind Jake of this fact as the day progressed, but he was having none of it.  I gotta give the kid credit, he plays to win.  Unfortunately, time of year and location worked against us.  If I was by myself, for this time of year, I’d hit the MDR 3/4 with Capt. Jeremy, or go up north to the Channel Islands, for rockfishing and chance of WSB, or hit SD for rockfish and a chance to hit a yellowtail with a yoyo jig.  So my expectations were managed.  Personally, given where we were in South OC, I wanted to hit the beach with some new plastic (a sweet Fred Hall find…big bag for a $1) that is supposed to kill for surf fishing…maybe finally add a corbina to my resume.  But Jake was

Juju with my short sandy

all hyped from meeting Corey Sanden and was into getting a big calico.  As the day played out, a perch was the jackpot fish (excluding some shorty calicos) up to about the second to last stop.   There, Juju’s new friend Riley, a 9 year old out with her dad, two brothers and cousin, scored the first legal bass of the day…a barely minimum calico bass.  Shortly after her win, a couple other kids scored legal sandies off the stern on squid strips with a 1 oz slider rig.  And that was pretty much it.  Highlight of my day, fishing-wise at least, was a shorty sandy and getting broken off by a mud marlin (bat ray).   I’ve got the kids again this week, so maybe I’ll get to use my new surf plastic.  Silver lining though was Juju had a successful outing on the water and will hopefully want to do it again soon.  It helps a bit for me that I didn’t have to pay for her ticket 😉  We also got coupons for 10% off our next trip…I guess since it was slow.  Salty appreciates the gesture.  Capt Jack was great with the kids.  He helped Jake with casting and hooked him up with a bunch of his favorite plastic for next time.  Thanks Dana Wharf Sportfishing.



  1. SoCal, the fishing may have been off but it’s always a GREAT day seeing little ones faces lit up like little JuJu’s in that picture!!! Good stuff!!!!!

    • Thanks Paul. Exactly. I’m glad this obsession hasn’t clouded that over for me!

  2. SoCal, sounds like you had another great day fishing with your kids even though the big catch stayed out. But what is more important than the trophy fish is, the kids had a great time and learned a lot new.

    I finally got to go fishing last week and hey, I didn’t bring anything home either but had after 3 months of not even getting close to the coast, an awesome good day. If you like you can read on my site about.
    Tight Lines

    • Rick, Thanks for checking in. Read your post. That’s nice you have the dike there to fish off of. A “reel” bargain too for private boaters. Working on a post for you. I’ll send over when it’s done. Tight lines!

  3. Hey Joe,
    thanks for visiting my site again. The Texas City Dike is not really close to my home but whenever I get a chance, I will try to fish the Dike even more this year. Biggest trouble is, I have to go through downtown Houston to get there. And believe me, Houston is a big mess traffic wise. I’m sure you would like fishing the Dike too. Not as much of a fish variety as going offshore but still some really good fishing most of times.
    Also thanks for working on a post for me. I’m looking forward to it.
    Tight Lines

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