Posted by: socalsalty | March 25, 2011

Salty Spotlight: Brandon Hayward

You may have noticed that on my Stuff I Read sidebar, I’ve included Western Outdoor News.  The part of WON that I religiously read is Brandon Hayward’s blog on

Salty’s Bible

Saltwater Fishing here in SoCal.  This blog (SoCalSalty, not Brandon’s)  isn’t about me being an expert…never has, never will.  I fished a lot as a kid/teenager growing up on Puget Sound in Washington State.  Lots of that fishing was dock and shore fishing, and from time to time private boat fishing.  Back then, charter boat trips were an ‘exotic’ that I only got to do a few times ever…a special birthday, family vacations etc.   This blog is about me coming from this perspective and documenting what I learn as I go along fishing here in SoCal.

When I first got here to Southern California, getting out on a sportboat was something that I’d do maybe once or twice a year, use the rent rods, and not think too much about it.  At the point that I got serious about getting out regularly, and wanting to be proficient at catching fish, I somehow managed to have the good fortune of finding Brandon’s first book, The Southern California Angler.

I love this book.  A) Brandon’s background is truly unique as he has his 100 ton master license, has worked on boats, fishes himself and writes, and B) the layout of the book is fantastic in giving detailed information about specific kinds of fishing that you encounter here in SoCal, including input from the experts for the various types/styles…PLUS specific gear recommendations.  I literally reference this book regularly…revisiting articles as I prepare to go on different kinds of trips and comparing the information in the book to other sources.   This book has helped get me from the point of not knowing what I was fishing for and if I’d catch anything…to being prepared and usually being on the right side of the bell curve filling my sack today.

So when I heard that Brandon had a new book, Getting Bit, and would be at Fred Hall to sign it…you knew Salty was going to be there!  The new book is a compilation of WON articles, plus some new material Brandon’s put together.  I haven’t had a chance yet to delve too deep, but I have a hard time believing it’s going to be anything less than impressive.

I’d never met Brandon before, , but he took time to chat and sign his new book for me which I greatly appreciated.  He also tipped me to some of the upcoming trips that WON is doing and I’m going to try and make it out.  Get to the show and pick up his new book and Google around and find his first book.  You’ll be happy you did.

Brandon signing my copy of “Getting Bit”



  1. Sounds like a good read!

    • Josh, I kid you not when I say it’s my bible in terms of SoCal fishing. It may be too specific to this area…not sure how it may translate if I didn’t live here, but it was like the clouds opening up and a ray of fishing enlightenment finally shining down on me. I’ve had a chance to read a few chapters now and the new book is great. Covers some other types of fishing not found in the first book…like White Seabass and Wahoo.

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