Posted by: socalsalty | March 8, 2011

Fred Hall Show!

The Fred Hall Show is an annual fishing and boating show here in SoCal.  It usually occurs the first weekend in March, but this year it starts tomorrow thru the weekend in Long Beach, and then again on March 24-27 (Thurs-Sun) in Del Mar.  Every year, SoCal anglers flock to the show to see the latest gear and catch up with fishing buddies.  The show marks the unofficial opening of fishng season when we transition out of winter and the fun really starts. 

This year though, everyone is that much more amped for the show because yesterday, the IGFA approved the monster 405lb yellowfin tuna caught by Mike Livingston on the Vagabond last December.  The Vagabond is bringing the taxidermy of the record fish to the show.  You can see pics of it on their Facebook page.

I would’ve come down with a cold, started coughing and sneezing badly on Monday, and decided to “work from home” to save my co-workers if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m heading out of town tomorrow.  I’ll have to wait until Del Mar.  Friends of the blog Costa Del Mar sunglasses (a show sponsor who has this cool cafe at the show), Dan Hernandez, and One Cool Tuna will all be there, along with everyone who loves to fish, boat, dive, kayak, hunt in SoCal.  If you are in town (or feel a tingle in your throat – cough cough) and call yourself a saltie, get down to Long Beach for the show!


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