Posted by: socalsalty | March 1, 2011


Salty's cooler, full of rockfish

You guys are probably sick of it by now.  You’re probably wondering, “Gee Salty, do you do any other kind of fishing?  Catch any other types of fish?”  For the last several months, the answer would be “Not really.”  The long range tuna bite has been spectacular, but for the average angler who lacks the time and/or resources to be gone for 5 to 10+ days chasing tuna, that isn’t an option.  The 2010 SoCal fishing year was notable in how cold the water was all year.  As a result, the warm water species like yellowtail never really materialized.  However, the cold water led to lots of squid, and rockfishing was great.

Rockfishing season shut off in California Jan 1, but  re-opens today! To be 100% accurate, the season shut off for “boat based anglers”, so not sure if that means you can dive to the rockfish or not, but you’d be swimming for awhile if you did.  When the season shuts off in SoCal though, it gets hot and heavy in Northern Baja as you might have noticed in my last several posts.

Bank Perch...mmmm tasty!

Rockfish is the generic name given to the Sebastes genus of fish.  SoCal is home to many species of these fish.  The best known rockfish is the vermilion rockfish, or red snapper…red for short.  Rockfish come in an amazing array of colors…from brassy browns to brilliant oranges and yellows.  They also have great common names like chuckleheads, green spots, starrys, and barber poles to name a few.  I like rockfishing because these fish are pretty meaty and can put a nice bend in your pole.  They are also great table fare.  The meat is a firm, mild, white meat.  The favorite eating rockfish of myself and many SoCal anglers are Bank Perches or bankies.

Last year I had wanted to hit the Channel Islands for the rockfishing, but didn’t get up there before the season closed.  I”m going to try and head up there this week and I’ll report back.  Rockfish are #7 of the Top 10 Saltwater Fish in SoCal!


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