Posted by: socalsalty | February 21, 2011

Gear Report: The Debut of the Gaff Cam

John talking to some visitors from Long Island NY

Jason rigging up the gaff cam

After the day we had yesterday, my mood and the crew of the Daily Double shared it with me was…we were out to have a big day.  As it turned out, it was an epic day in San Diego.  I’ll have a full trip report, but wanted to put up this post as this trip also marked the debut of the Gaff Cam!  I tried out my new Go Pro video camera yesterday at the end of the trip and viewed it in the hotel last night.  Today, just like the fishing, we wanted to take it up a notch, hence the Gaff Cam.  DD crewman, Jason Ivey, found a hose clamp onboard that we used to attach the Go Pro to a gaff hook.  The results were pretty sweet!

Here are the first two videos that I’ve uploaded to You Tube.  They are unedited and the sound isn’t optimal, but the hi-def footage is pretty great!  I’ll have to figure out how to edit these up, but for now, enjoy our first efforts.
Video One: Salty Gets a 3 Banger (bocaccio, red snapper, barber pole)
Thank you to crew of the Daily Double for playing along: Capt. Tony, Jason on deck, Mike in the galley, and my buddy John A. who wasn’t working today, but helped  me immensely all weekend.

Capt Tony

Mike, not in the galley

Jason doing Fishing 101. Gaff Cam is ready.



  1. Gafcam 🙂 I LIKE IT 🙂

    • Thanks Simon! Yes, I’m pretty excited about the potential of using the GoPro. The underwater footage is too cool

  2. SoCal, there ya go. That is some very nice footage. I am still REALLY trying to convince myself to just go ahead and bounce for the 3 beans for that GoPro. Did you get one yet ??

    • That IS my camera 😉 I was thinking about you Paul. There was that group from Long Island, and then of course the GoPro. Simple to use. Hard to know what you got while you’re filming since there’s no viewer, but it’s like Christmas seeing what you have when you do.

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