Posted by: socalsalty | February 20, 2011

Trip Report: Rough Day in SD

Seaforth check in counter

Started out the day with the plan of meeting up with John A. to fish the 3/4 out of Seaforth Landing, the San Diego.  Seaforth isn’t at the main sportboat landing where I normally go.  It’s off by itself in the Quivira Basin off Mission Bay…closer to Seaworld.  The reception area was really nice.  Full tackle store, reception counter, whole 9.  I got on the boat @ 5:30am.  John missed the boat.  Just as well.  Very rough water, rain…saw a lot of sinking faces among the 40+ anglers as we sat in the galley.  The boat was

DFG in da house

pausing…timing the waves to get out of the bay.  Then one of the anglers who was standing just outside my window, wasn’t standing anymore.  He was on the deck passed out!  Apparently had a little too much too drink last night.  And now we’re turning, and the skip says we’re heading back to let the guy off.  As we continued though, they decide they’re rainchecking or refunding everyone and won’t go back out.  Bummer.  I opt for the raincheck.

Rough seas

Paid winter rates and it’s good for a year.  I’ll use it during peak season when there’s the chance for yellowtail, dorado, tuna, barracuda etc…the warm water fish of Summer, locals and tourists alike flock to the boats and the prices rise.

I grabbed some chow at the Landing Grille.  Had the Rockcod Rick breakfast burrito, named after the co-host of Let’s Talk Hookup, the weekend radio show for SoCal salties.  There I ran into Mike and Max, from the Dan Hernandez trip a couple weeks ago.  They were going to go on the halfer, but it didn’t go out.  I texted John A. and he calls me back to say that the Daily Double (the

Rain ahead

halfer for Point Loma) is going out and to meet him over there.  All is not lost!

Well we made it out.  Started out pretty rough.  Freezing rain at the first stop.  Didn’t get too deep and stayed on the anchor all day.  Some decent size bocaccio and a few decent reds.  I got one red and some assorted other rockfish.

Notably, I added a barber pole to my species count.  Max and both his mom

Barber Pole rockfish

and dad ended up on the Daily Double too.  Max is only 7 and can fish.  He pulled in a

Max with a nice red (click to see Max' You Tube video w/Dan Hernandez)

larger starry that was cool to see.  Overall though, pretty spotty day.  Jackpot red was only 3-4 lbs tops.  As you can see, the weather got much better by the end of the day and is supposed to hold up.

The elusive Razorgill Bottom Dorado 😉

I’ll try again tomorrow.

So-so fishing, but this doesn't suck



  1. Sounds like you at least got something out of the day. Sorry but next weekend doesn’t look like it will be good for fishing either.

    • What up Tuna? Hitting the DD again tomorrow. Supposed to go deep if weather holds. Come out!

  2. Glad to hear that your trip didnt turn out to be one wasted 🙂

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