Posted by: socalsalty | February 17, 2011

Accurate Factory Tour: Part III

I was able to track down Matt Harper in the midst of the Accurate Team heading to the Miami Boat Show.  I wanted to wrap up the series of posts with a look at what the future holds for Accurate Fishing.  I had noticed on a recent Bass Pro trip that they were carrying Accurate rods.  During the tour, Matt showed me their Accubraid spectra.  He also told me about their recent distribution deal with Australian lure manufacturer, Halco.

I was curious if Accurate was going to be marketing a “system” a’ la Shimano with for example their Butterfly system.

“Not really” Matt said, “It’s more being able to more fully serve our customer.”

Who is the Accurate customer?

Starting out, it was a saltwater guy…an offshore guy…a long ranger.  But as we’ve expanded the line, we find that it’s just an angler who wants the best.  Our stuff is expensive, but we build our products to last a lifetime and then hand down to your kids.  Our customers are people that have the money to buy the best, but also regular guys that save up to have the very best equipment to do the thing they love.  A lot of our customers are commercial sportboat operations.  Professional skippers use us because they want their customers to experience the very best trip possible and that includes using Accurate equipment.

* one of my Seattle buddies told me that they had Accurate gear on the charter he went on in Seward, Alaska catching multi-100lb flatties (halibut) last Fall.

So what can we expect to see from Accurate in 2011?

Fishing Candy: the display case in Accurate's lobby

You’ll see us continue to expand the line, both in terms of the rods and reels we make for different kinds of fishing, but also expanding the distribution of the Accubraid and now the Halco lures to offer complete rigs (rod, reel, line, lure) for a broad range of fishing.  Be it Great Lakes anglers targeting pike and muskie, to tarpon fisherman in Florida and Texas, to our original core group of tuna and yellowtail fishermen here in Southern California, we’ll have a complete setup to serve that angler.  You’ll see us introducing some exciting products at ICAST this summer in Vegas.

I for one will be watching and saving.  Road trip anyone?  😉



  1. Very cool! I’m going to have to buy a couple of their reels for sure. That’s great about the Halco lures , the Australians are as serious about fishing as we are here in the US – should be interesting to try some of those lures out.

  2. Thanks Josh. What’s on tap this weekend?

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