Posted by: socalsalty | February 9, 2011

New Species: Green Spotted Rockfish

Green spots on their head look like freckles


Sebastes Chlorostictus or “Green Spots” are yet another variety of rockfish that can be found here in SoCal.   I caught my first ones this weekend on the Indian Trip into Baja Mexico.  They look really similar to the Green Stripe Rockfish (sebastes elongatus), but they are easily identified by the green spots that show up on the top of their head, as opposed to the broad green stripes running laterally on the Green Stripes.  Taste-wise, they are another mild tasting, white fleshed rockfish, suitable for all kinds of dishes.  Use my Simple Way to Cook Fish as a starting point, and then apply your favorite seasonings to match your taste.



  1. NICE EYES!!!!! I assume that is the water depth entering into play there 🙂

  2. Congrats on the new species. I always like to catch new fish. I normally catch something new in the surf every year , caught two species last year that were unidentifiable and I still wonder what the heck they were.

  3. Thanks guys for stopping by. Yeah, the eyes are kind of freaky. You can see though…if you go back to my Aquarium of the Pacific post, that they aren’t like that when they are alive. As you suspect Paul, it’s from being brought up from deep depths. The other crazy thing is that in a lot of these fish, especially the salmon groupers, their air bladder blows up and it looks like they’re sticking a tongue out at you.

  4. I’d always hear captains from Redondo and MDR leave audio reports saying they caught “boscos” while they were rockfishing. In Dana Point we just called them “green spots”. Same thing with the speckled rockfish or “bankies”, they call them “belindas”. I wonder where these nicknames got started…

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