Posted by: socalsalty | February 8, 2011

Gear Report: Follow-up on the Gulf Sunrise Jig

Nice starry caught on the Gulf Sunrise

I wrote last week in my Match the Hatch article how I couldn’t leave well enough alone when it came to my preparation for the Baja rockfish trip this last weekend.  As evidence of my ‘going overboard’…I highlighted 2 jigs/flies that I had picked up on eBay. 

After not getting bit on the heavy gagnions made for me by John from the Daily Double, I switched up my rod/reel combo, opting for my Medium setup of a Penn International 12H, on a G Loomis Pelagic Series pole, with 25# Ande mono on it.  I only got around to using one of the new jigs, the Gulf Sunrise, hand tied by Donald Monday of Humble Bait, in Humble Texas. 

Gulf Sunrise by Humble Bait

When I switched setups, I put a 3/0 light wire circle hook on the bottom and pinned a sardine to it.  On the top loop, I attached the Gulf Sunrise with a squid strip on it.  This combination proved to be deadly.  When I caught the nice starry rockfish in the picture, Dan Hernandez commented, “It would’ve been bigger if you used one of my B52’s.”  Dan may have been right, but I had lost my trusty blue/white B52, while sculpin fishing a couple weeks earlier.  I’d already lost the green one from my swag bag on this trip too. 

I think it was the combination of movement by the sardine (who was more feisty with a smaller hook in his face…wouldn’t you be?), the smell of the “fresh dead” squid strip, and the color of the Gulf Sunrise.  As the afternoon wore on, I continued to get some light-hearted ribbing from Dan…mostly centered around the fact I wasn’t doubling (and in his case, sometimes tripling) up on my hauls.  Dan pointed out that I tied my loops too long and they could (did) get snagged around each other. 

'dine on the bottom, Gulf Sunrise on top. A deadly combo

On the last stop of the trip, Capt Chris said we were going to try one, maybe 2 more short drifts over the rock we were on, and then it was time to go home.  I was rallying my fellow anglers to fish it out to the final bell.  I guess the fishing karma was in my favor, because on the last 2 drifts, I was rewarded by double banging both times with a fish on each hook.  I was glad to point out to Dan that Salty could indeed double up when needed 🙂 

I think most people think of eBay and think used stuff someone else doesn’t want anymore.  In reality, there are a lot of small businesses, like Humble Bait, that handmake quality new items and sell them in their eBay store.  Support small business.  Go buy some Humble Bait lures.  They work!  Thanks Donald.


  1. I might have to order some of the Gulf Sunrise color. I’ve got a boat trip or two coming up this summer.

    • I ordered some of the Twilight jigs yesterday. Hoping those ones kill too. Looks like an afternoon half day with the kids on Saturday.

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