Posted by: socalsalty | February 8, 2011

Avoid Spontaneous Chumming

Juju before we got going

Juju after. Johanna was taking the pic and she was WAY worse

A couple weeks ago, I took my landlady and my daughter Juliana, Juju for short, out with me on a Sunday half day trip.  For both of them, it was their first time out.  I rarely get seasick.  It’s the same with my son Jake.  So I didn’t think to prepare for seasickness. 

Unfortunately for the 2 newbies, I didn’t prepare for seasickness.  At one point, Jake was Slaying the Sculpin, and my landlady Johanna was the next to him on the rail.  Jake was fishing, and she was chumming the water.  Whew!   Thank goodness there was a nice breeze going!

There’s a good article today on Earth Sports that talks about what you can do to prepare for seasickness.  If you’re new to the ocean, or are taking out some newbies, it’s a good read to know what to do.  I hope you find it useful.



  1. I do quiet alot of deep sea fishing, and altough i’ve been going to sea for just over 3 years now, im still classed as the “Chummer” on the boat…Worst is when it happens while Spearfishing in a choppy sea…Hopefully the experiencing didnt put your daughter off fishing from the boat.

    • Simon, I’m happy to say that Juju asked me if she could try it again. I think we’ll hit a half day this weekend 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Keep coming back!

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