Posted by: socalsalty | February 7, 2011

Not All Captains Are Equal

Always a nice feeling to dump a heavy sack on the filet table

I was fishing with Dan Hernandez this weekend on a trip that was being taped for an upcoming episode.  Full post to come, but wanted to get out there this small observation from the trip.  I was fishing on the Indian, a boat in the H&M Landing fleet.  Captain Chris Randal was skippering the boat and I found him to be a really friendly and knowledgeable skipper.  He’s also aggressive in his fishing tactics.  We were in pretty deep water…anywhere from 250-350 feet, so we were drifting over a spot.  The goal was to drift over structure where the target rockfish and ling cod like to wait to ambush their prey.  If we didn’t get bit on a drift within 15-20 minutes, then Capt Chris would move.  If the boat didn’t setup just right, we’d move.  At first this was a little counterintuitive to me…more time in the water = more fish, right?  Not necessarily.  More time in the zone = more fish, and Capt. Chris was all about maximizing being in the zone given the finite time we had for the trip.  The end result was I was very satisfied with my catch, as were my fellow anglers.  Everyone limited and went home with a full bag.

At the same time we departed H&M, the Sea Adventure II was also departing.  Same trip.  Different outcome.  They had more anglers and caught less fish.  Which brings me to the point of this post.  The right skipper can make all the difference in maximizing the results for you.  How do you come to find this information?  Well, you can follow Salty’s recommendations.  It’s a big reason why I started this blog.  I wanted to reward the good skippers and crews that I choose to spend my fishing dollars on.  I also found this great post though on Earth Sports today that expands on this idea and gives you questions to ask that will help you determine what may be the right boat to book.  I hope you find this information useful.



  1. Nice simple report, looking forward to seeing the full report. I will post one as well about my trip. I had a issue with my laptop Sunday so might have to do at work.

    Jeff – OneCoolTuna

    • Thanks for coming by Jeff. Can’t wait to see your report. I was having laptop issues myself over the weekend…or was it that I was enjoying the Super Bowl too much 😉

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