Posted by: socalsalty | February 2, 2011

Cool Pics of SoCal and Beyond by @TheSergio

Venice Beach Pier: Salty's spot is to the right

Whenever I get a new follow on Twitter, I like to see who this person is.  I’m constantly surprised at the amazing people I find.  One of them recently was @TheSergio.  The first pic to the left caught my eye…not just because he froze that bait stealing gull in flight, but because it was instantly recognizable as one of my home fishing spots, the Venice Beach Pier.  Most recently, this same pier was the site of Juliana catching her first fish!

Sergio lives here in SoCal.  In a past life, he was a professional chef.  Most recently, he was an IT consultant and is looking for a new direction to take with his life.  He’s also an avid outdoorsman.  Looks to me like he could find his second (or would it be third TheSergio?) career being a pro photographer.  If you’d like to contact him, he can be reached at


Funky lifeguard tower in the South Bay at dusk



  1. Awesome pictures! I had a seagull two years ago that “befriended” me. I was at VA beach for a week , fishing the pier. The crazy gull sat beside me every day ( he was on the rail ). I had him eating out of my hand by the end of the week and even got to scratch his neck for him a few times.

    They can be pests though , if you don’t watch they’ll get your bait or get tangled in your line.

    • Hey Josh! There’s a pelican at Venice Beach Pier that the locals call Fred. He poses for the tourists and gets pretty cozy with the fisherman. He only likes me for my throwaway fish though 😦

      • HA – gotta love the crazy birds , man!

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