Posted by: socalsalty | January 31, 2011

Trip Report: Lobster Hooping on the Alicia

Tuna's buddy, Big D, with a baby "bug"

My buddy Jeff, aka One Cool Tuna, tried his luck on the Alicia out of H&M Landing for some lobster hooping on Friday.  Tuna scored 4 keeper bugs on his trip and the trip reports seem to indicate that’s what you can expect, with some crabs thrown in for good measure.

They’re doing daily 6 hour trips out of H&M in San Diego.  The boats, the Jig Strike and Alicia, leave between 5-7pm.  Check the schedule and book online.

The California Spiny Lobster season ends on March 16th this year, so get out and give it a try!

Thanks Tuna!  And check out Tuna’s site.  He does great blog posts, has awesome pics, and sells a line of marine lubricants and reel labels!



  1. Thanks for the posting.. Nice job. We need to go fishing..

    Jeff – OneCoolTuna

  2. Tuna, We do man. I’m on the Indian Fri/Sat this week on the Dan Hernandez trip. I link to it on here. See if you can go. Otherwise, I think I may have to bust my long range cherry on that June trip on the Vagabond with you. Or maybe some spring YT in the Coronados?

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