Posted by: socalsalty | January 30, 2011

Gear Report: Costa Del Mar Jose Sunglasses

This fish looks even bigger with the Jose's on 😉

Yesterday I went down to Dana Point Harbor to go kayak fishing.  I was hoping to get into some spotted bay bass (spotties), or California halibut (flatties).  The kid at the kayak rental office told me the owner had just caught a 20lb flattie at the mouth of the harbor, so I took off with great anticipation (maybe a legit Saltwater Sportsman cover shot!).

Unfortunately, my beginners luck streak of never getting shut out on a kayak came to an end.  I tried just outside the breakwater in the kelp, at the mouth (too hard with all the boat traffic), just inside the breakwater next to the rocks, and as a last resort, next to the bait shack…all to no avail.  I had the best action inside the breakwater.  There, I was throwing a darter leadhead (3/8 oz) with alternately a chartreuse grubtail or new penny Gulp splittail.  There is bass there!  I was getting bites and another yak angler with electronics told me he could see them, but neither one of us got any of them 😦

As I’ve said before though, a bad day fishing beats a good day in the office!  Case in point, yesterday was another beautiful sunny day in So Cal!  I tried out a new kayak spot (had never ventured out of Shelter Island – San Diego).  I got in a nice workout.  And I got to put in some more time with the Costa Del Mar Jose sunglasses.

In the picture, I’m wearing the Jose’s during the half day trip I had on Wednesday.   During that trip, my first with the Jose’s, I found them to be really effective in shielding my eyes.  I could look straight at the sun (not recommended) without blinking.  It was an afternoon half day, so the sun was low in the sky.  In spots, I was fishing on a section of the boat where the glare off the water was particularly strong, and I was always comfortable.  Yesterday, being on the yak, where you are closer to the water and even less protected, I spent a good 4.5 hours at it and never had eye fatigue.  My eyes were particularly sensitive yesterday morning too, because I’ve been having hay fever like symptoms all week and I woke up with red and watery eyes.  Particularly on the yak, I appreciated how these sunglasses wrapped more around the side of my face and sat snugly on top of my cheek, offering critical protection from side and bottom up sunlight. I also like how the frame material has a bit of tackiness on the nose bridge and temple areas.  I wasn’t constantly pushing them back up on my face as I have to do with other glasses.

To be fair, these glasses won’t replace my everyday shades (Persols).  The Persols are lighter and fit my nose better.  But on the water, I won’t be without these glasses.  They’re a bit spendy at $260 retail, but if you spend time outside and especially on the water like I do, that’s really a small price to pay for this kind of quality.   I highly recommend you try these out if you’re in the market for a new pair of shades.



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