Posted by: socalsalty | January 19, 2011

Trip report: Deep Drift Rockfishing

So today I wanted to be back down in San Diego for a unique trip.  When I was down there on Monday, John mentioned that on Wednesday, the Point Loma was going to have a different captain.  The captain is an ex-commercial boat guy and they were going to go deep drift rockfishing…depths of 300-600 feet plus…where the captain knew they could get big, restaurant quality reds.  Apparently, the cap knew what he was doing as this picture John sent me (knife twister) attests.  The day was obviously not as nice as it was on Monday, but a true salty wouldn’t care. The small load of anglers took in a mix of reds, bocaccio, assorted rockfish, and one ling.

Count on Salty being down there next Wednesday if they make the same trip.  Book it online and join me!

John and Jim with a limit of reds



  1. Wow!! I love red snapper and etc. etc.!!

  2. Hmmm, beautiful fish, I see the conditions were a LOT different from your previous report 😉

    Tight lines…………..

    • See, it’s not all palm trees and sunshine…all the time 😉 Have a great weekend Capt Paul!

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