Posted by: socalsalty | January 16, 2011

Trip Report: New Del Mar Twilight Runs Fri & Sat

Ryo posted a big calico Friday night

Wow! So the big news was that Friday night, Ryo, long time regular on the MDR fleet, crushed the Bass Leaderboard with a 6lb 7oz Calico Bass! The monster was caught on a live squid. Ryo opted to return him to his home on Venice Reef.  Nice job Ryo!  Sorry for the fuzzy pic.  Thank you LeRoy for sending Salty the calico pic.  Shawoo!  (spelling?)

Tonight saw the #2 and 3 spots change up with a whisker close jackpot competition of 4 lb 4oz and 4lb 3oz sand bass entries.  Typical sculpin bite to fill up everyone’s bag.  MDR Sportsfishing is doing a special Sunday twilight boat tonight, so get in on the fun and get down to Dock 52 by 6pm.

Ryo, who's the dude with your fish?

Thanks LeRoy!

Deckhand Joel with Sat night’s winning Sandies

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