Posted by: socalsalty | January 14, 2011

SoCal Weekend Outlook

It's snowing elsewhere. Go out and enjoy So Cal!

I’ve been tweeting about various goings on in So Cal this week. Here’s a quick post to highlight a few them:

1. Underwater Parks Day – in celebration of the recent Marine Protected Areas plan put into motion, Heal the Bay and Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier are hosting several fun and informational activities out at the pier tomorrow. The Long Beach Aquarium has a similar event scheduled for Saturday too.

2. Whale Watching – Dana Wharf has been reporting whale sitings all week. MDR Sportfishing is doing whale trips as well. Both links are on my sidebar under “Go Fishing”.

3. Fish – I listed all kinds of options in my New Year post

Go out and enjoy the beauty of living here in So Cal!



  1. I’m torn between hating you because you have palm trees and wondering if they look like that this time of year. Come on man , we still have snow.

    Let’s see some West Coast sunsets!

    • Sorry JM. That pic was @ Christmas. Onboard twilight boat now. 6.7 calico bass yest. Tweeted pic. More here later

  2. That was a pretty fish man!

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