Posted by: socalsalty | January 12, 2011

Awesome Knot Tying Videos

I’m going fishing with John from the Daily Double on MLK down in San Diego. We’re riding on the Mission Belle for a 3/4 day out of Point Loma Sportfishing. He had asked me before if I knew how to tie an Albright knot.  I didn’t.  Since I was going to see him, I wanted to try and figure that out, especially since I’m planning to change out the line for the trip on my Medium rig.

I found this great video for tying the Albright. The site also lists all the other important knots I’ve mentioned, like dropper loops. I like how they use big string to illustrate the videos. It makes it easier to visualize what to do, and it’s a thousand percent better than the diagrams that come inside a box of line!



  1. I should’ve commented as to why an Albright is good/useful. It’s a knot for tying line to line, like in the case of braid to fluoro/mono. I ended up picking up some 50# green Spiderwire tonight and I’ll match it up with 50# pink Ande. I’ll use the Albright to connect the two.

  2. You should experiment with the Albright knot a little bit. They will slip sometimes if they aren’t tied exactly right. A lot of saltwater fishermen will tie a “lock” with the tag end of the main line to prevent slipping. You can also tie a Reverse Albright , which is somewhat easier to tie.

    Albright knots are perfect for shock leaders when you’re casting heavy weights from the surf. They pass through the guides a lot better than some of the bulkier knots.

    Here’s a link that shows the Reverse Albright and how to tie a lock on an Albright knot :

    Good luck fishing this weekend!

    • Thanks JM. I’ll give it a try. Tight lines buddy.

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