Posted by: socalsalty | January 6, 2011

Looking For Kid Friendly Fishing Info

I’ve been invited to talk to an audience of parents regarding Kid Friendly Fishing.  I outlined some pointers from a parent’s perspective in my Kid Friendly Fishing post.  I want to create a permanent page with fishing resources for parents.  One thing I’d like to list there are boat trips that are Kid Friendly.  I’d also like to list charitable organizations around taking kids fishing, like Friends of Rollo.  And I’d also like to list any upcoming events for parents to check out with their kids, like the upcoming trout derby through Dan Hernandez’ youth organization.

I will take and post links regardless if they are SoCal or not!

Please email me at or comment here on the blog with any links and additional info you’d like to see posted on this permanent page.



  1. I posted a few thoughts on this subject last fall , you can probably find better. In my opinion Spider-Man and Snoopy fishing poles are SO overrated.

    • JM, what do you think about Disney Princess rod/reel combos? That setup was only good for trying to catch little shiners under the platform at a local reservoir. Jake hooked something with it, but the damn thing totally failed. Trying to figure out a setup for Juliana right now. Thanks for the reco.

  2. I gave my son a Pinnacle baitcasting rod and a zebco 33 platinum. It’s decent and probably a 50 dollar setup. In my opinion , any of the “kids” rods that have a cartoon character on them are just a gimmick to get you to pay 20 bucks for something that will only last for 2 or 3 trips. My advice is to spend the extra $$ and get something that you yourself would use. By investing in a good rod you are committing yourself to take your children fishing and make the most of the experience for them. Getting a gimmicky rod is just setting them up for failure. Just my opinion , BTW.

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