Posted by: socalsalty | January 2, 2011

John From the Daily Double

John inside Squidco

One of the things I love about sportfishing is that I meet some really cool people along the way.  This weekend, Salty was headed down to San Diego to watch my school play in the Holiday Bowl (Salty’s team won).  What a great weekend!  Football and fishing, a tough combination to beat in my book.

On the way down, I made plans to meet up with a guy from eBay to buy this Calstar pole. It’s an 8-20 line rated pole, and I figured it would be a good one for Jake…especially since we’re going to be spending the next couple months targeting bass on half day trips.

John and I made plans to meet around noon, somewhere off the Rosecrans exit from the 5. When I got there, he directed me to meet him in front of the Big 5. We met and I bought the pole. I mentioned to John that I was going rockfishing the next morning on the Malahini. “Ah, you’ll be fishing with Mikey.” I guess so. “I’m on the crew and sometimes captain the Daily Double out of Point Loma.” Cool. “Want me to take a look at your tackle box?” Ummm yeah!

Long story short, John said I needed a few things. Next to the Big 5 is a West Marine boating store. I asked John if he wouldn’t mind pointing out what I needed in the store. “Sure, no problem.” We went in and there really wasn’t what he was looking for. “Follow me. I’m going to take you to my candy store.” I proceeded to follow John to Squidco. When we walked in, everyone greeted John and I knew I was being taken on an insider tour of a “real fisherman’s store.”

John helped me pick out a few things, but in the end he knew I probably wouldn’t be able to rig myself up correctly in time for my boat. Fast forward, John ended up meeting me at the dock at 5:15 in the morning, with some handmade gagnions, specifically for the type of fishing I’d be doing. You can see his handiwork below. I’ll let you know how they worked in my next post.

Just add weight and it's ready to fish

Ready to drop


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